Our Techniques

NeaForma processes a wide variety of plastics, to find the ideal solution for your package of requirements.

The ideal technology for technical plastic products with widely varying wall thicknesses, which reduces the weight between 10 and 50%.

In Slovakia, we produce both lightweight, insulating products and structural parts in hard and flexible materials (integral foams).

From electromagnetic shielding to the pad printing of logos, from high gloss to textured lacquer: a trained team is ready for you in Slovakia.

NeaForma also acts as a one-stop shop for you. Both in Belgium and in Slovakia, we carry out pre-assemblies to your specifications.

Co-development is one of the values that NeaForma considers to be of paramount importance. We help your idea come about with the ultimate goal: IMPROVING YOUR BUSINESS.


Stay informed of the new evolutions within NeaForma and the technical developments within the market.

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