How we work

NeaForma is your partner par excellence when it comes to integration of design, function and feasibility. Our engineering and production are not only based on technology independence. We realize that creativity and innovation make the difference for you: Improving Your Business!

Below you will find information about the ways in which we achieve this.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction is a strong driving factor in every project. NeaForma understands that proper preparation during the concept phase, can greatly limit the costs incurred during the further course of the project. First, we look at the type of raw material. Can we work with a regrind material? What technical requirements are placed on the product? Which production process will we work with? Based on the size of the part, the selected raw material and the batch sizes, NeaForma will propose one or more production processes. We then look to achieve optimum density. The less raw material, the lower the cost price and the lighter the product. We also look with you to optimize the design. Finally, NeaForma puts everything into operation to make the production process as efficient and lean as possible. Where can we reduce the cycle time? Which finishes can be eliminated?

In this way, we realize a cost down at different levels with our Structural Foam Technology. The weight reduction of an average of 10 percent results in a direct cost reduction of raw material. The blowing agent ensures shorter cycle times so that your products can be produced faster.

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Finally, the low pressure in the mold with this technology, ensures the injection aluminum molds that are very favorable in terms of investment costs.

In addition to direct economic savings, numerous savings can be made around “Design For Assembly”.

Structural Foam Injection offers the possibility to integrate many things into the product and to facilitate and speed up the assembly of parts. After all, reductions in assembly time at the customer are just as important as the direct economic savings.

Project management

With a structured development process, we ensure that the cooperation project with NeaForma is manageable and transparent for you as a client.

The list of requirements forms the basis in the further collaboration.

You will be informed about the project progress in relation to the objectives through a well-organized report. As a result, you as a client have a continuous overview of the planning and costs and you can adjust at any time.

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