About NeaForma

NeaForma develops Large High-quality Plastic Products with and for industrial partners. From a wide choice of different raw materials, combined with the right production technology, we can offer you the best technical-economic solution. In Belgium and Slovakia, our team is ready to perform a pre-assembly or paint finish on your products, according to your quality requirements.

NeaForma, Improving Your Business!


The history of NeaForma begins at the end of the 70s, then under the name of “Orac Industries”, as a producer of industrial polyurethane applications.

To cope with increasing competition, the Taillieu family decided to relocate all polyurethane production to Slovakia in the early 2000s. In addition, a new technology was invested in Ostend, Structural Foam Injection (TSG / SFI), to guarantee the preservation of work.

Due to the strong dynamics and growth, this business activity (Orac Industries) acquired its own identity in 2011 under the name NeaForma.

The new structure allowed NeaForma to fully focus on core competencies. In this way, the existing potential for developing innovative plastic solutions for industrial customers could develop even better.

At the two sites in Belgium and Slovakia, NeaForma today offers 3 different production techniques, High-pressure injection molding, Structural Foam Injection and Polyurethane processing, whether linked to pre-assemblies or lacquer finishes.

NeaForma still belongs to the Orac Holding, a family business under the competent leadership of the Taillieu family, with a healthy balance sheet and solid key figures.

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HTe NeaForma team​

A dedicated team

The NeaForma team is a dedicated partner for our customers. We boast of our strong reputation as a reliable supplier and work closely together to develop feasible and economical plastic solutions, tailored to your company. The core values of our team are reliability, dedication, innovative and collaborative capacity. Combined with a flexible attitude that puts the customer first.

Our values

NeaForma, your first choice as a partner for sustainable plastic solutions.

NeaForma is happy to investigate how innovative plastic solutions can contribute to sustainable optimizations in your company. That is why the operation of NeaForma is based on the following 3 fundamental pillars:

NeaForma is a dedicated and reliable partner you can count on. We boast our strong reputation as a reliable supplier. Our team works every day full of commitment and drive to confirm and reinforce this reputation. You can rely on NeaForma if you want a partner who delivers more than just good, quality products.

Constantly striving for better solutions that make our customers stronger, that is the basic motive of NeaForma. This drive for innovation, translates into a high diversity of raw materials, creative mold concepts, ingenious prototypes and efficient business processes.

Co-development is the key to the success that we strive for together with you. Together we come up with the best solution that will make you stronger as a customer, that is our ultimate goal!