NeaForma is a European manufacturer of high-quality plastic products and solutions. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is central to this. We focus on minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment and create a working environment where quality, safety and health are of paramount importance.


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Every step is vital in the realization of a project. We strive for the highest quality standards and focus on the continuous improvement of both our products and our processes. NeaForma guarantees the quality of its operation with a top-to-bottom quality management system. This systematic approach contributes to the improvement of our service and customer satisfaction.

Safety, health and environment

ISO9001 certificering
Certificaat ISO 9001

QMS for a continuous pursuit of quality

ISO 9001 certificate is a fact within Neaforma!

ISO 14001 Vinçotte - NeaForma NV
Certificate ISO 14001

NeaForma has developed a policy to minimize the environmental impact of its installations, activities and services.

  • NeaForma is continuously working on the maximum reduction of every form of waste and optimally promotes the reuse of internal waste streams.
  • NeaForma is actively working on the prevention of environmental risks.
  • We avoid the use and emission of solvents and other risk products.
  • We promote environmental awareness among all our employees.

NeaForma’s environmental policy is supported by an ISO 14001 certification for its environmental management.

Accident prevention is one of our top priorities. NeaForma strives for the realization of a zero-occupational accident rate. We assume our responsibility about safety by:

  • Incorporating risk prevention in all (sub) processes and in every action.
  • Distributing information about the safety figures achieved.
  • Creating platforms for interactive communication about safety.