Structural Foam Injection (SFI)


The Structural Foam Process is a low pressure injection molding process where an inert gas (blowing agent) is introduced into melted polymer for the purpose of reducing density and hence weight of the finished product.

Structural foam molded products have cellular cores surrounded by rigid, integral skins.


Analyses of the different steps of the injection process, shows us a significant cycle time reduction when using SFI instead of HPI (High Pressure Injection), thanks to the use of blowing agent:

  1. Time to close the mold: the same as for HPI.
  2. Time to inject: with SFI, injection speed is much higher than HPI, which results in a shorter injection time.
  3. Time for holding pressure: is of no existence in SFI => ”0” seconds.
  4. Time for cooling: faster, because less plastic material to cool down due to the weight reduction.
  5. Time to open mold and eject: the same as for HPI.

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