Structural Foam Injection (SFI)


The Structural Foam Process is a low pressure injection molding process where an inert gas (blowing agent) is introduced into melted polymer for the purpose of reducing density and hence weight of the finished product.

Structural foam molded products have cellular cores surrounded by rigid, integral skins.

Monetizing benefits

  1. Weight Savings (through density reduction and enabled part redesign)
    • 8 up to12% is typical, including design can push beyond 25%
    • Combined with the movable core technology, weight reduction can increase up to 40%
  2. Cycle Time Reduction
    • Elimination of holding phase : cycle breakdown dependent but 10% is typical
    • Cooling time sometimes reduced through thinner part design
  3. Scrap Reduction
    • Lower warpage sometimes reduces total scrap
  4. Energy Consumption
    • Less plastic to be processed on a injection machine with lower clamping force, will add up to overall energy savings

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