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In Belgium and Slovakia, we offer pre-assemblies, which means that the product can be mounted directly on the production line at the customer, without internal intermediate steps in terms of assembly.
We strive to keep the added value on the plastic product as high as possible.


A pre-assembly can be considered as the placement of inserts, rubber seals, hinges, metal parts, magnets or many other purchased parts.

Silicone seals or bonding technics can be conducted in house using jigs, REACH and RoHS complied.

In Slovakia, we can place parts in the mold that are casted in with polyurethane to guarantee optimum adhesion.

assemblage en pre-assemblage
assemblage en pre-assemblage
assemblage - lijmen

Scope of application

To optimize the number of steps within your assembly line, we offer you the option to perform a pre-assembly according to your list of requirements.

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  • Less stock, less administration, less transport.
  • One stop shopping => one reference.
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