High Pressure Injection (HPI)

High Pressure Injection (HPI) - NeaForma

High pressure injection molding is one of the most used design techniques for plastic parts.

We produce your plastic idea on high-performance injection molding machines, equipped with 6-axis robots and all necessary peripheral equipment, with the highest quality assurance.


During High Pressure Injection, plastic that is supplied in granular form is melted into a liquid mass and is injected under high pressure into a mold whose cavity is the shape of the desired product. The plastic solidifies and the desired product is obtained by cooling.

Scope of application

We process both commodity plastics and engineering plastics, whether fiber-filled or fire-resistant:

  • from small series for the medical sector to millions of parts for the construction sector.
  • from 20 grams to 8 kg.
High Pressure Injection (HPI) - pyramid plastics


  • Beautifully finished plastic products without aftercare.
  • Wide variety of types of plastics, combined with numerous additives.
  • Glass-fiber reinforced plastics, fire-resistant plastics, color pigment, UV stabilizers.
  • Stricter design requirements compared to SFI and PUR regarding “raid” and distortion, due to internal stresses in the plastic product.
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