Structural Foam Injection (TSG / SFI)

Structural Foam Injection (TSG / SFI) - Neaforma

The injection molding machines within NeaForma are specially equipped with all technical options to be able to apply this technique under the best process conditions.


During Structural Foam Injection, plastic is melted together with a blowing agent (additive) into a liquid mass and a gas, and is injected under relatively low pressure into a mold whose cavity is the shape of the desired product. The plastic solidifies and the desired product is obtained by cooling.
The blowing agent provides an internal cellular structure through which important economic benefits can be achieved in terms of weight reduction and shorter cycle time.

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Scope of application

This technology is extremely suitable for non-visible, large, structural products with higher technical specifications. It is the ideal technology for the metal parts replacement market. We process all commodity plastics and engineering plastics, whether fiberglass-filled or fire-resistant, in combination with a blowing agent:

  • from 500 to 50,000 units for the medical sector and the HVAC market.
  • from 20 grams to 20 kg.



  • Weight reduction from 10% to 50%.
  • Shorter cycle times of up to 30%.
  • Aluminum molds (cheaper investment).


  • Varying wall thicknesses in the product without the problem of sink marks.
  • High 3-dimensional stability (no warpage).
  • Swirl effect on the surface => to be solved by varnishing or via the variotherm technology (RHCM).
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